Finding Your Heart Again

by Daly's Gone Wrong

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3.14.14, Self Released


released March 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Daly's Gone Wrong Bronx, New York

Daly's Gone Wrong was born from the idea that a band should play exactly what they want, when they want, and how they want to.This four piece from Bronx, NY stands together to create what nobody else could give them...the music that they always wanted to hear. ... more

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Track Name: Finding Your Heart Again
Remember when you left me? Sincerely, your heart
I promised to beat on and not break apart, you sang a cold song on how I'd warm to be alone, that blood is for the living and you're dying to be gone
Darling, be peaceful, like sugar to slow, savor the sweet for the bitter follows.
You write to beginnings to erase all your ends, no lines to rest, until you find your heart again
Oh I swear that I'll come for you
In the night I swear I'll come for you
Track Name: Tre Goes to Texas, Best Day Ever
I took the dial, turned it loud, held your hand and shouted out I just want to stop the world
Your eyes could never understand, how I root the waves to crash the sand
I just want to stop the world

I hate this pen and paper and all the thoughts that go with it
I hate this sinking feeling as it pours across my lips
I like to think I'm the best time happening, in fact I never was
I hide and seek the bed, mapping all the sheets above
I hate this way of talking loud, bright but so unsure
I hate this desperate feeling, always asking you for more
I like to think I'm days since past it, in fact I never was
easy fall , hard climb in and out of love

I'm starting to love these hip hop joints, the raw confidence they get to enjoy .
I don't want talent or lyrical sense , just a command of the mic like when I spit ,she shakes it
I'm wearing down from self control, chorus highs and verse lows
With all my heart, with all my soul
I still love to rock, I still love to roll

sway and warm to the soft touch of angst in the air against words that don't mean much

I hate to be the ticker tape tossed at your parade, I hate this sweeping feeling after you celebrate
I like to think I'm the cheer sang , clapping in fact I never was
This float rolls on the city streets, adored but never enough
I hate this way of casual, we take it if it's there
I hate this acting feeling pretending not to care
I like to think I'm days since past it in fact I never was
I held on when you didn't ask in and out of love
Track Name: "Ooh Shasta Cola! My Favorite!"
I must admit , you're all my best songs
An entire record , nine years and still the struggle to say to you
I loved you at the merch table, seventeen and standing still
We inked our arms , got older, further, together and separate
I don't want it , but I need it
It's sick , it's sweet, it's sad ,it's pretty it's the ache that has to end
So here's my last sorry, here's one last shot at happiness
A drink, a prayer, a chance, a song to set out to sea's death or paddling

my heart, beautiful and strange , I've followed you like a castaway
I've let you hurt, I've let you love
I've let you tear me apart
my heart, hopeful and free
I've followed you like a runaway
I've let you break, I've let you heal
I've let you drag me to feel

It's one on one , me verse the loneliness and yes it's a test of whether I'm willing to stop, and do the best to accept that this weight on my chest can stay idle...idle and
Not all can be moved or soothed to the groove of a better record like how the old hates the new you the old hates the new you
It's long, it's due, it's clear, it's confused it's the ache that has to end
So here's my last verse, here's one last chorus of regret
A drink, a prayer, a chance, a song to set out to sea's death or paddling

I hope to fight fire with fire
It's the part that never leaves me

My heart thinks that if we race we can run right back to you
Track Name: Ayy Cicci, Where's The Fuckin' Wings?
Let's keep it slow and simple baby as the six strings hold me steady
You've got me deep like ocean, set sail, because I hope you're ready

Now it's been a long time since I've had the heart to break apart this rib cage and let your hands beat a new start
It's like having the hips and wanting to move but every beat is dragging and each step slides just way too soon
I'm at the door without the key where every knock is quiet and each please drags down to my knees
Make the matches, hope for burn, throwing up the ashes, blacking out all my concern

I'm trying to change my body, I'm trying to help my thoughts, I'm trying to focus some direction to keep me from feeling lost

I feel my heart again like a child too young to know what we're made of

I used to be much braver like William Wallace and his heart but I guess that's part of growing, watching yourself fall apart
I'm never one to listen, speak, run, get up, get away I don't want to feel the pressure I don't want to feel the pain
You're beautiful like sunshine as the day commits to heating

And if I prayed for things to be different and yet stay the same could you try and understand just how serious I am?
If you want to leave I'll stand to be a house of memories, I've learned to live without the touch of someone’s hand or ears to hear what I'm thinking about
I can't help the model or the make, the need to explain or urge to escape but its for you. Oh honey, it's for you
I still have the need to destruct, in love with the highs, the hurts and the enough's but it's for you. Oh honey, it's for you

Let's sing it loud like we used to, before we cared, before we knew
Track Name: Actually an Interlude
I hate these words and what they mean oh God what they do to me
How you used to talk dirty, how you used to call me "baby"
This party gets old when you're spinning out of control
One drink to the floor, one song until you take hold
I'm not a good man cause I think of you sexually but you're such good company how could I neglect your body?
It's not that I'm cold it's just that I'm so afraid
I'll keep to suggestions and the words that I won't say
It's that feeling inside my stomach back for more
I'm not a good man
We're dreamers and wild ones looking for the thrill
Track Name: Ice Cream With Your Sister
We have been here before,
it's home, miles and miles from how I remembered

I'm sitting on the couch trying to keep myself up from feeling down Now I'm at that age when the aches and pains we don't talk about anyway
I'm summer time through with these summer time blues , hoping falls gonna make me new , but since my leaves always wilt and bleed I'll be dirty knees screaming Jesus don't take this in vein, I've been having hard time, trying not to complain
But I'm sick of these turns and twists , like the guts of a sailor fighting not to get shipwrecked

Time and time, am I adequate ?, the fifty nine of a minute, I'll go slow to pulse down and speed up to mute sound I can't help I'm the same way just more tired held by the weight of steady hopes and wearing nerves , finding myself through learning curves
nothing beats a song and your best friends , it means more than you could understand
I’m broken in this perfect moment
Yea, I'm broken in this perfect moment.

I sit and dream, of how it'd be to feel much less and breathe easy
I hope you care the way I do, I'd give my arms to push you through

Stop. Catch yourself Again. Stop

Try and understand the writing of these shaking hands
Oh these shaking hands
Track Name: When I Say "Err" You Say "Bear"
On this walk home were hoping, wondering
Trying to stay straight while we're Brooklyn stumbling

Does it kill you or is it me to think how far you are from where you should be?
At least we do reckless well, this little art we keep to ourselves
Don't say no Don't say yes
I like the thought of falling into this perfect mess

Did you see this coming?
Are you watching your friends change? Are you waiting for that love to save you and solidify your place?
The story of the wicked wild ones , a chapter much for me , I never had an ending worth reading

Hey hey I thought you knew
We're a select few with hearts so large somehow they ended up on our arms
I just want to give everything

I try to do the wrong things the right way...all wrong things

It's something that comes over me, it sparks in the dark, gone ablaze in your body, I can see I'm no good for you
I'm poison in step towards healing, forever abandon, anchor all your feelings, can't you see I'm no good for you?
Track Name: Damn It Jeff, You Couldn't Help Yourself
So it seems I've been made a mistake because I can't shake the sad since my younger days
Id kill to be perfect or just half a whole , or one single sparkle in your ever glow
I got a gold heart with rusted veins
The prettiest picture on a crooked frame
A love so deep, it bubbles and sinks , too shallow of a finger for a wedding ring

I don't want to be a broken thing
I don't want to be a broken thing
Lord said you better learn to love your pieces
Oh child you're one of those broken things

Take a breath, you've known since you were five that there isn't something quite right and it's been a life time of this tug of war between body, soul and picking a door to leave because I just don't belong here ,because I don't understand
Because this art nonsense is killing me and I'd rather be an alpha type..bro
Track Name: Bobby Whittle Was a Poet
Made a choice, honor your soul
Be brave, strong and alone
Hold your breath, steady the shakes
I'm well versed in loss and heart break

it's the 3rd or 4th time coming through, how could I not stand up to you? , as you cut in ways that erase my tattoos and place my affection in vain
I tried to make it last while fixing all my mistakes of the past with that green eyed girl who I’d hate to name but there's no way you would have taken her place in my heart
I hope it kills you

She asked Can I come over? There’s something to say this past years been great but I'm going to have to ask you to get out the way. You hide behind that stupid band, drunk friends and hockey games
You say it’s what you love but I think you're afraid to change

I'm sorry I'm not the answer to your insecurities I never lied, I gave you me, I'm ashamed to admit it, I felt whole , I felt so complete
But that's enough of this discussion , just run around Queens holding and touching anyone who'll tell you what you want to hear , because you deserve it

I immediately feel bad for standing up for myself, if I don't who will?
Who's gonna catch me?
I can't afford to need you; it costs too much, here comes the war paint. I can't go back to that place of loathing and self hate.

I hope I can be better
I want you to be better
I need her to be better

In my heart, I hope it kills you